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    Before / After Photo Using SB 2115

    SB 2115 Heritage Restoration Cleaner is a safer alternative to the use of traditional restoration cleaners. The buffered acid in SB 2115 substantially reduces the possibility of discoloration or burning of the masonry surface. SB 2115 Heritage Restoration Cleaner has been used to remove light to moderate atmospheric soiling and is a satisfactory cleaner for some heavily soiled surfaces. SB 2115 should not be used on concrete, marble or limestone masonry. When properly tested, SB 2115 is a safer alternative to ha


    SB 2140 Masonry Restorer NA is a highly effective non-acidic cleaner for limestone, unpolished marble, pre-cast and site cast concrete and concrete block. SB 2140 has been used successfully as a one-step cleaner for the removal of light to moderate soiling of vertical masonry as well as for the removal of grease and oil deposits, rubber heel marks and certain oxidation stains.