Products for concrete and masonry



    SB 2377 is one of our newer cleaners designed for the removal of thin to moderately heavy deposits of concrete, mortar and grout without the corrosiveness of using muriatic and other acids. Based on a highly concentrated blend of surfactants and salts, SB 2377 has been used to remove ½ inch of cementitious materials from masonry and metal surfaces. SB 2377 is significantly less corrosive to metal surfaces than mineral acids, therefore enough material to remove stubborn deposits can be used without worries of da


    SB 2418 High Gloss Masonry Sealer is a high quality waterborne cross-linking water repellent and sealer based on acrylic resin technology. It dries to a glossy film which will protect the surface from salt intrusion, water, soda, alcohol, motor oil, dirt, and tannins. This product is UV resistant and has been shown to prevent efflorescence in masonry surfaces, while remaining flexible. SB 2418 also has superb mar and scuff resistance for extended protection on old or new concrete.