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2610 EIFS Acid Cleaner

2610 EIFS Acidic Cleaner is a mildly acidic product designed to clean stubborn cementitious, acid rain deposits, rust stains, and efflorescence from EIFS surfaces. This is often done before repainting if the original finish is highly weathered or oxidized. 2600 EIFScrub is recommended as the first choice for most EIFS cleaning situations with 2610 being needed in only the toughest cases.

Technical Data
Appearance: Clear Liquid Solubility: 100%
pH: <1 in concentrate Odor: Mild Citrus
Specific Gravity: 8.6 Lbs/Gal. Biodegradable: Yes

Preparation & Applications
Provide protection for all pedestrian and vehicle entrances and any air intake openings such as air conditioning or air circulation vents. Take precautions to avoid drift onto adjacent structures and vegetation. Conduct tests to determine the dilution ratio required for each project and conditions. Dilutions may be from one to three parts water to one part cleaner. Low pressure spray application will work best in most applications. Some agitation may be required on stubborn stains or deposits. Complete the cleaning by rinsing with a pressure rinser equipped with a wand tip of not less than a 25 degree fan. Care must be exercised in the pressure cleaning to avoid damage to the EIFS surface.

2610 EIFS Acid Cleaner is for use by professional contractors only. Projects should not be undertaken when temperatures are below 40 degrees F. Do not allow the cleaner to dry on the surface. Pressure rinsing equipment equipped with laser or other pressure increasing nozzles are not to be used with this cleaner. NOTE: ShoreBest EIFS products are intended for use on EIFS applications over masonry backup only. Applications to EIFS applied over wood or metal studs are at the contractors own risk.

All applicators must wear OSHA recommended protective equipment. EIFS Acid Cleaner contains blended acid products. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Diluted and undiluted product can cause burns. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not ingest or inhale the cleaner, modify the cleaner with any material other than water or use the cleaner for any non-recommended purpose. Refer to the proper MSDS Sheet for treatment of persons exposed to or reacting to the cleaner.

Customer Service
Factory personnel can be contacted at 1-412-471-3330 for specific recommendations without any obligation.

Customer Service & Technical Assistance
Factory personnel can be contacted at 800/860-4978 for specific recommendations without any obligation.

Factory trained regional representatives are available to assist with product recommendations for you projects, and many locations are served by dealers who stock ShoreBest products. Call 800/860-4978 for the name and location of your nearest representative or dealer.

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