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Appearance System
2410 Matte Masonry Enhancer &
2412 Matte Masonry Enhancer OTC VOC 400

The Matte Masonry Enhancers are moderately high solids treatments for darkening or changing the surface appearance of masonry. They have been used to bring the color of two slightly different brick surfaces to an acceptable appearance when there has been a change in the color of the brick due to either changes in the manufacturing material or a change in manufacturer between the original construction and a later addition or alteration.

2410 and 2412 can also be used to mask acid burns in brick surfaces that have been abused by strong or non-proprietary masonry cleaning acids. The material will mask the burn for a long period of time but is not to be considered a permanent cure for the problem.

The performances of 2410 and 2412 on substrates are identical and both meet the US EPA guidelines for VOC content. 2412 Matte Masonry Enhancer OTC VOC 400 has been formulated with a special blend of solvents that meet the more strict VOC guidelines as specified by the OTC Model regulations. 2412 contains less than 400 gr/liter VOC as calculated by the method that excludes the volume of exempt solvents. It is a violation of state and / or local law to purchase the federally compliant products and use them in a more restrictive jurisdiction. None of the products should be diluted before application. Consult you state or local environmental regulatory agency if you are unsure of the restrictions in your area.

VOC Content and Regulations

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. While the actual definition is complex and depends on the type of products in which they are used, VOCs can generally be thought of as the solvent content of consumer products like polishes, cleaners, and paint removers and architectural and industrial maintenance coatings like paints and water repellants. Regulating (restricting) the amount of VOCs in products is one of the many ways government entities are trying to reduce air pollution by controlling the amount of hydrocarbons released into the atmosphere...Click here to read more about VOC regulations.

Technical Data
Appearance: Clear Liquid Solubility: Insoluble in water
Odor: Strong Solvent Stability: Stable
Flash Point: Flammable Solids: 32%
Do Not Thin Before Using

Preparation & Application
Apply to a clean and dry surface. Application may be by brush, medium nap rollers and in some cases by low pressure spray. If it is desirable to have no change in the color of the mortar joint, application may be limited to brushes only.

2410 and 2412 should not be used indoors unless there is adequate ventilation. 2410 and 2412 are designed for use on vertical surfaces. Applications to foot traffic surfaces may cause slippery conditions when wet. Avoid application when fumes can be drawn into the interior of a structure unless air vents and other means of ingress of the odor have been closed. One coat is usually satisfactory. Two or more coats may not allow for masonry moisture evaporation. Horizontal applications can lead to acrylic blush if there is no moisture barrier beneath the surface.

2410 and 2412 will act as water repellents. To avoid masonry color changes during rain storms, an application of a water repellent such as ShoreBest 2422 Seretreat 10% Federal VOC 600 or 2423 10% OTC VOC 400 should be considered for all other untreated masonry surfaces to assure color uniformity during rainy conditions.

2410 and 2412 contains combustible solvents. Keep away from heat, open flames, sparks and any other type of possible ignition. Use in a well ventilated area only. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid breathing of vapors and contact with skin or eyes. Refer to the proper MSDS Sheet for treatment of persons exposed to or reacting to the product. The use of respirators during application is desirable.

Customer Service & Technical Assistance
Factory personnel can be contacted at 800/860-4978 for specific recommendations without any obligation.

Factory trained regional representatives are available to assist with product recommendations for you projects, and many locations are served by dealers who stock ShoreBest products. Call 800/860-4978 for the name and location of your nearest representative or dealer.

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