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SB2030 New Masonry Cleaner V/M Control

SB 2030 New Masonry Cleaner V/M is a concentrated blend of acids specifically formulated to be used to remove construction dirt and mortar smears from metallic sensitive surfaces containing manganese and vanadium. SB 2030 should be considered for the cleaning of white, brown, gray and most light colored brick as well as most natural stones, cast stone and some glazed surfaces.


Provide protection for foliage and pedestrian traffic. Test all non-masonry surfaces for possible negative reaction. Shut off all ventilation intakes, close all other entrances to the structure and provide protection to ensure that no cleaner enters the structure during application and rinsing of the surface. Protect all surrounding areas from possible damage, which might occur from spillage or spray during usage. All projects should start with a test application to determine the suitability of the cleaner, acceptable application methods and dilution ratio. Test areas of at least ten square feet are recommended and should involve the worst area of soiling. When possible, the test area should be left to age for 10 or more days to check for possible adverse reactions.

Dilution and Coverage

Dilution: 4 to 10 parts water to 1 part product — test application recommended.

Coverage: Dependent upon substrate and other conditions


Soak the surface to be cleaned with water prior to the applica- tion of the properly diluted cleaner. Soaking the surface prior to application of the product is designed to reduce the penetration of the cleaner where it is not wanted and to keep it on the surface where it is needed. Start with the weakest dilution ratio and test until an acceptable dilution is determined for the project. Apply the diluted cleaner with either acid brushes or a low-pressure sprayer. Spray application should never be done at pressures greater than 40 psi. Leave the cleaner on the surface for up to 10 minutes, scrub with a stiff masonry brush, remove heavy smears with a wood paddle and remove the cleaner and contaminants with either a hose or pressure washer. When using a pressure washer, pressures of 600 to 800 psi are recommended. Care must be exercised to avoid driving the cleaner into the surface, creating a condition where complete removal is not possible. Avoid using wands equipped with “laser” or other tips that might caue damage to the surface. In all cases, a thorough rinsing is required.

SB 2030 New Masonry Cleaner V/M is for use by professional contractors only. High strength mortars and mortar that is left on the surface for more than 60 days may be difficult to remove or may not be removed at all. High strength mortars should be cleaned within 7 days of installation. SB 2030 is not recommended for use on colored CMU as removal of some of the colored cement paste can be expected. Glazed or polished surfaces are not acceptable for cleaning. Test prior to use.

Technical Data

  • Appearance: Dark Liquid
  • pH: 1 in Concentrate
  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • Rinsing: Complete
  • Flash Point: None
  • Solubility: 100%
  • Foaming: High
  • Stability: Good
  • Odor: Acidic
  • Wetting Ability: Excellent


Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. May cause respiratory irritation. Refer to product SDS or product label for hazard statements, precautionary statements and safety information.


Shore Corporation warrants that this product conforms to the chemical composition described in the Product Label. SHORE CORPORATION EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Shore Corporation shall not be responsible for any direct or consequential damages sustained as a result of the use of this product. Further, Shore Corporation shall not be liable for personal injuries, property damage or any other damages as a result of the use of this product, the sole responsibility of Shore Corporation under the within WARRANTY being the replacement of any nonconforming product. Acceptance and use of this product absolves Shore Corporation from any other such liability whatsoever and from whatever source. The within WARRANTY may not be modified or extended by Shore Corporation representatives or distributors, neither of which are empowered to make any product representation inconsistent with the terms hereof.


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