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SB2811 Carpet, Upholstery and Floor Fresh

SB 2811 Carpet, Upholstery and Floor Fresh is a multifunction odor controller and deep cleaner. It goes to the source of the odor and eliminates it with the fast action of chemistry combined with the long term benefits of microbes. SB 2811 is a household and industrial odor controller and cleaner that goes beyond the capability of other products available. specialized microbes naturally biodegrade the odor-causing organics to odorless carbon dioxide and water to prevent the return of odors. SB 2811 also contains chemical agents that instantly neutralize odors and provide a pleasant scent. This combined chemical and microbial attack provides both instant and long term odor remediation in a powerful yet safe and environmentally friendly odor controller


This product can be used on any surface not damaged by water. While the bulk of the cleaning happens in a few minutes, the extended biodegradation on embedded soils in porous sub-trates can take several days to complete. Keeping the substrate wet reduces the time needed for complete digestion.

Dilution and Coverage

Dilution: Use undiluted for spot cleaning on hard surfaces and carpets. For routine cleaning and deodorizing of hard surfaces like flooring, add 4 to 10 ounces of product per gallon of water and apply by mopping. At the 4 ounce per gallon range of dilution, there should be no need to rinse the surface.

Coverage: Dependent upon substrate and other conditions


This product can be applied undiluted by trigger sprayer or mop to provide optimum odor reduction and cleaning (organic re- moval) from hard surfaces. SB 2811 can also be used straight for carpet spotting. For urine or food stains that have pene-trated through carpet or upholstery the product can be diluted (6 to 10 parts water to 1 part product) and then applied to saturate the surface. It is important to keep the surface damp in order for the product to quickly remove all the residue. The saturated area may then be blotted with clean towel to absorb all the moisture and allowed to dry.

This product has been used successfully in applications such as carpet stains and odor elimination, garbage collection areas, bathrooms, pet areas, garage and basement areas, fitness facilities, laundry rooms, loading docks, upholstery stains and odor elimination. In one instance the product was spray applied to the pavement in the outdoor garbage area at a national chain restaurant. In two days it ate through about 1/8 inch of accumulated grease and debris

Technical Data

  • Appearance:Cloudy Liquid
  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • Flash Point: None
  • Foaming: Moderate
  • Odor:Mild and Clean
  • pH: 7.5 to 8.5
  • Rinsing: Very Good
  • Solubility: 100%
  • Stability: 2 Years
  • Wetting Ability:Excellent


Causes mild skin irritation. Causes serious eye irritation.Refer to product SDS or product label for hazard statements, precautionary statements and safety information


Shore Corporation warrants that this product conforms to the chemical composition described in the Product Label. SHORE CORPORATION EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Shore Corporation shall not be responsible for any direct or consequential damages sustained as a result of the use of this product. Further, Shore Corporation shall not be liable for personal injuries, property damage or any other damages as a result of the use of this product, the sole responsibility of Shore Corporation under the within WARRANTY being the replacement of any nonconforming product. Acceptance and use of this product absolves Shore Corporation from any other such liability whatsoever and from whatever source. The within WARRANTY may not be modified or extended by Shore Corporation representatives or distributors, neither of which are empowered to make any product representation inconsistent with the terms hereof.


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