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SB2750 Acrylic Cure and Seal WB

SB 2750 Acrylic Cure & Seal WB is a water borne sealer based on acrylic resin technology. It dries to a glossy film which will protect the surface from salt intrusion, dirt, and tannins. The SB 2750 will slightly enhance the color of concrete and masonry surfaces. When applied at the heavier end of the recommended range it has been shown to prevent efflorescence from coming through the surface. Like all acrylic sealers, SB 2750 has some vapor permeability, but it is not to be confused with the high breathability, often siloxane based sealers, suitable for porous masonry and stone surfaces. The SB 2750 meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM C-309 “Liquid Membrane-Forming Compounds for Curing Concrete” and ASTM C-1315 Type 1, Class A “Liquid Membrane- Forming Compounds Having Special Properties for Curing and Sealing Concrete.”


SB 2750 should be applied to a dry surface. Prior to application of existing concrete or masonry, it is strongly suggested to thoroughly clean the surface with a quality cleaner like SB 2790 Con-D-Soil and pressure wash to remove any dirt, stains, or loose sealer. Allow to dry before applying the product.

Dilution and Coverage

Dilution: Normally used undiluted — test application recommended. For priming porous substrates, thin with 1 part water to 1 part product. After dry, follow with application of full strength coat of product.

Coverage: Approximately 300 square feet per gallon dependent upon substrate and other conditions.


SB 2750 is normally applied by low pressure, garden-type pump sprayer but it can be applied by roller, brush, or squeegee depending on texture and shape of the substrate. When using as a curing membrane the sealer should not be applied until after the surface water has dissipated. Test by lightly touching or brushing the concrete surface to remove the glaze and see if surface water returns.

Apply at a rate of no more than 300 square feet per gallon to meet the ASTM requirements. Rough textured placements will require a heavier application rate.

For sealing or resealing cured concrete it is strongly suggested to thoroughly clean the surface with a quality cleaner like SB 2790 Con-D-Soil and pressure wash to remove any dirt, stains, or loose sealer. Allow to dry before applying SB 2750 at a rate of 300 square feet per gallon depending on surface texture and desired gloss. If a second coat is desired, wait at least 1 – 2 hours before recoating. Do not apply in one heavy coat. It is necessary to allow the water to escape for proper film formation. Cleanup of tools or equipment can be done with warm soap and water. Dried or partially dried films may require a polar solvent such as alcohol, acetone, or a glycol ether to remove. Special cleaners for removing latex paints from brushes are available and quite suitable. Mineral spirits is not effective. Drying time is dependent on the ambient temperature and relative humidity. In warm, dry weather allow at least 3-4 hours for light foot traffic and 24 hours for vehicular traffic.

Technical Data

  • Appearance: Milky Liquid
  • Odor: Mild
  • pH: 8
  • Stability: Good


There are no GHS ratings that apply to this product at this time.Refer to product SDS or product label for hazard statements, precautionary statements and safety information


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